Walking Through Grief (DVD Series)

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Week 1 - Introduction to Grief & Orientation 
This session will give you an overview of the program, Tear Soup and a Palette of Grief that you will create.  You will also meet the group members that are joining for this cycle.  The first time is usually the hardest to attend but you are worth it. 
Week 2 - A Guide to the Grief Journey
This session normalizes many of the feelings, reactions and behaviors early in the grief process. Alan Pedersen and Darcie Sims discuss many of the emotions and feelings experienced early in loss. Darcie talks about being numb or frozen and how each of us grieves differently. The contributors reveal their losses and share their early grief journey.

Week 3 - Am I “Crazy” or Am I Grieving? Part 1
Alan and Darcie talk about how, after a short time, the rest of the world seems to go back to life as normal while the griever remains in the valley of grief. Darcie discusses anger and the role it plays in grief.  The contributors share more about their continuing emotions and how they often times hid their true feelings from others by wearing a mask and pretending that things were okay. How to handle guilt, anger and other feelings in a way that is constructive for the griever are discussed

Week 4 - Am I “Crazy” or Am I Grieving? Part 2
This Session looks to dispel some of the common myths associated with grief.  Alan and Darcie talk about some of the insensitive (and often times misguided) things that family and friends say to the bereaved in an attempt to help. The contributors give their opinions about some of the myths of grief as well as their thoughts about some of the “stupid” things said to them in grief.

Week 5 - Different Grieving Styles
Darcie answers questions from Alan about how each of us grieve in our own unique style. Darcie presents her well-researched theory on the 4 types of grievers. Darcie encourages the viewers to recognize their own grieving styles, accept that it is OK to grieve in our own unique style, and to be tolerant of others who may do it much differently.  The contributors introduce themselves and share what it is they do in their lives today.

Week 6 - Charting a course for healing
Alan and Darcie begin outlining how to plan and chart a course for healing in our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental lives. Alan and Darcie offer specific tools to help the rebuilding process begin. Darcie discusses the difference between “grief ” and “depression”. The contributors share things that helped them begin to heal.

Week 7 - Handling the Holidays
This session is a guide to help those in grief prepare for and survive special events and holidays. Darcie Sims and Alan Pedersen share some specific tools in how to deal with the expectations of family and friends during these times. The contributors share advice and their experiences navigating the first year, and subsequent years following the death of their loved ones. Lots of practical tools are offered by the hosts and contributors in this session.

Week 8 - Things that can Complicate Grief
Darcie and Alan talk about how specific circumstances surrounding the death of our loved ones may have the potential to complicate the grief journey for us. Some specific areas are covered such as finding the body, witnessing the death, multiple losses, estranged relationships, death by suicide, murder, and medical error. Darcie also talks about how guilt and regret can be a complicating factor in processing our loss. The contributors share some of the things that caused complications for them in their grief.

Week 9 - 5 H’s: Hurt, Hope, Help, Honor and Healing
This segment is hosted solely by Alan Pedersen who shares his theory of the 5 common denominators he sees at work in the lives of those he has met who are successfully moving through their grief. Each of the 5 H’s is discussed by Alan. The contributors weigh in on each of the H’s as well as share how each of Alan’s 5 H’s has been a part of their grief journey. The 5 H’s are:
            Hurt: Understanding that we will hurt in some way forever.
Hope: How and where did we find hope?
Help: Asking for and receiving help as well as reaching a hand to help others.
Honor: What have we done, big and small, to honor those who have died.
Healing: The processing of hurt, hope, help and honor

Week 10 - The Other Side of Grief
This session discusses what the other side of grief might look like. Darcie and Alan discuss the growth that can come from grief and how the death of someone we love can actually bring about transformation in our lives. Darcie shares how the other side of grief does not mean an end to sorrow, but rather being open to experiencing joy, finding comfort in the memories, and embracing the gifts given to us by those we love who have died. The contributors also share what they have learned from their grief and how healing can be found by first remembering that they lived, not that they died.