Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Grieving Through the Holidays

November 7 session has been canceled due to the fact that the organizer and host is recovering from COVID pneumonia, a pulmonary embolism a week after released the first time  on the right lung and then bacterial pneumonia which resulted being readmitted 3 weeks later. All resulted as an aftermath of the COVID pneumonia that occurred in September with being in Intensive Care for 11 days.    Sorry for any inconvenience. 

The session for December 6 at 6 P.M.  will still be held. This group will meet virtually - at least 24 hours prior - email or call (920) 664-2685 to ensure that the link is received. 

One of the most difficult challenges for the new griever is anticipated holidays. We all celebrate the holidays of our heritage, and it seems the most widely celebrated are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Most new grievers will tell you they just want to close out the world from November until January. Everyone surrounding the griever wants to celebrate, give presents, attend holiday festivities and be joyful. But not the new griever, they want the clamoring sounds of the holiday to be done away with. This one time session  will provide you with some excellent insights on how to minister to yourself and your family during a difficult time of year.

Session 1 – ”Jangling” Sounds of the Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes all the hustle and bustle of holiday activities. While most people plan seasonal activities, the griever wants to ignore all the festivities. The griever almost wishes they could go to sleep and wake up after January.

Session 2 – The New Challenge

Handling holiday grief is a major challenge for the new griever. They don’t want to appear as ignoring the holidays, yet they really want to do just that. So how does the griever blend their grief with the holiday festivities that surround them? It is, at best, very difficult. We will share with you some thoughts from other grievers who have walked this journey of grief during the holiday season.

Session 3 – Developing New Traditions

One surprising answer for the griever is that they can develop new holiday traditions. Their new traditions can build on former traditions or they may become totally new. The griever does not need to, nor should they, discard personal traditions.