Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Yes the Holiday Season is Upon US!

I am sure if you are reading this page you are looking for help this holiday season.  All of our classes and seminars are finished for this year of 2020.  The best thing I can tell you to do is plan and be open to a change of your  tradition.  Many times the anticipation is worse than the day of a specific event without plans.  Make at least two sets of plans if not three even.  

Most importantly give yourself permission to make changes and at the same time be open to change.  If you don't like what was done this year you can change it for next year.  

Try to have a pleasant holiday season this year and remember it is your choice to  do as such even though you miss your loved one as it will most definitely be a a Different Kind for Christmas this year.  May this song be a blessing to you.