HAYLOS - Hope After Your Loved One's Suicide

Suicide is a challenging, confusing, and painful experience leaving survivors with questions and wanting answers.

HAYLOS meets from 6:30 - 8 PM  on the second Thursday of each month January through December.  In addition,   meeting on the fourth Thursday,  January through May,                               September, and October.                                                           

Your participation in HAYLOS may reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem, and help one feel less lonely, isolated, or judged which may reduce distress, depression, anxiety, or fatigue.  Talking openly and honestly in a confidential group setting about your feelings, and improving personal skills to cope with challenges can help your sense of well-being overall.  

These tips will help you get the most from your HAYLOS experience, and keep your expectations in check.

  1. Be consistent and attend three consecutive meetings. 
  2. Take what you need, leave the rest.
  3. Stay somewhat anonymous. 
  4. Set your expectations. 
  5. Be respectful of other people. 
  6. Respond mindfully. 
  7. Don't believe everything you read. Support groups aren't for everyone at any given time but ensure you have attended three consecutive meetings before making this decision. 

HAYLOS provides you with an opportunity to be with people who are likely to understand how you feel. 

REMINDER: When you RSVP please include your phone number so in case of class cancellation you will be notified. 

HAYLOS - A faith-based and peer-led support group with all sessions having a topic to help process your grief and move forward in life. Facilitators are trained by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.